Talking About Organization Techniques For Your Move

Make Sure You Have The Right Kind Of Moving Boxes

When you are prepping to move, you are going to need to make sure that you have the best boxes possible. You are also going to want to make sure that you are going to have a variety of boxes. You don't want to put a heavy load of books in the same kind of box that you put a lot of clothes in. That would make that box way to heavy. So when you start gathering boxes, there are several things that consider when you are deciding where to get boxes and what kind of boxes you want to get.   

Boxes For Glassware

When you are packing up in your glassware, you want to make sure that they aren't banging together since that could break them or chip them. So, you want to make sure that each glass is in its own little compartment. One thing that you can do is visit a liquor store and ask for boxes. Since most of their stock is in glass bottles, their boxes often have dividers that you can use when you are packing your glasses. That will keep them safe and help to prevent breakage. 

Book Boxes

Oddly enough, liquor stores can also supply you with boxes for books. Because liquor bottles can get heavy and they are definitely fragile, the boxes are very sturdy. That makes a liquor box perfect for moving books too. Some boxes will have permanent dividers, which is what makes them good for glasses, but if there are removable dividers, just pull them out and put your books in. The nice thing about the size of the liquor boxes is that they are generally not too big, which means that after you put your books in the box you aren't going to give yourself a back injury lifting the boxes. 

Clothing Boxes

The best place to get clothing boxes is from a box store or a moving truck rental store. That's because they have boxes that might be called closet or wardrobe boxes. Basically, these boxes are moving closets. They have a bar that goes across the inside of the box. All you need to do is hang the hangers on that rod and seal the box. Your clothes are all packed and ready to go. 

If you are getting ready to move, you need to make sure that you have the right kinds of boxes and that you know where you can find them. For further assistance, contact a local moving service.