4 Additional Services You May Not Know Are Offered By Professional Moving Companies

When someone mentions professional movers, if you are like most residential customers, you will conjure up an image of a few folks dressed in uniforms, driving a moving truck, and toting a dolly to move heavy objects. However, if you take the time to get to know the true value of moving services, your whole impression of these companies is bound to change. The fact is, many of the most sought-after movers offer a range of advantageous services that can make your life easier whether you are moving two blocks away or across the country. [Read More]

Ending The Chapter Of Silverfish Damage To Books In Long-Term Storage

There are many things that can harm books while they're in long-term storage, but the most heart-wrenching destruction occurs when silverfish bugs invade your stash. These bugs love dark spaces and eat the glue used in book bindings, so long-term book storage provides the perfect habitat for them. To avoid the damage silverfish can do to your books, follow these two tips. Paper vs. Plastic Keeping silverfish from essentially eating your books starts with packing them the right way. [Read More]

3 Tips For Preventing Pest And Water Damage When Moving

Whether you are moving for business or pleasure, it takes tons of planning to make a long-distance move go smoothly. One important part of packing and moving is making sure your items are safe and secure. But this goes far beyond using bubble wrap and scrawling 'fragile' on boxes. When items are in a moving truck for long periods of time, they may be exposed to humidity, insects, and other pests. [Read More]

4 Steps You Must Take When Moving Out Of An Apartment

If you are buying your first home and are getting ready to close on it, you will need to make sure you take care of some steps needed when moving out of an apartment. Moving can be an overwhelming event in life; and in the midst of packing and preparing for the move, you may forget to take care of the following things relating to the apartment you currently live in. [Read More]