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Three Tips For Storing Your Items In A Storage Unit

Using storage units can be an excellent way of ensuring that your home avoids becoming overly cluttered by providing you with convenient off-site storage space. However, it is an unfortunate fact that you may make some oversights that can expose your stored items to a number of problems. By making sure to follow these three tips, you can help ensure that your experience using a storage unit goes as smoothly as possible.

Create A Detailed Inventory of Your Unit

It can be a common mistake for individuals to fail to properly organize their storage units. While this may not seem like a particularly troublesome issue, it can make finding a particular item exceedingly difficult. To help you avoid spending hours of loading and unloading the unit to locate something, you should create a detailed inventory.

On this inventory, you will want to include the contents of each box as well as an identifier for these boxes. A simple solution may be to simply assign a number to each box and record the contents that are inside it. While this type of work will add some time to packing, it can be far more than worth it the next time you need to remove something.

Avoid Using Plastic Containers

When choosing boxes for these units, it can be easy to assume that plastic ones will offer superior protection due to their strength. Yet, they can actually expose your items to a greater risk of suffering water damage. This stems from the fact that it is possible for condensation to form on the interior of the container. To minimize the risk of this damage occurring, you should always use cardboard boxes. The boxes have better ventilation, which will help to minimize the risk of condensation forming and being trapped inside the container.

Elevate Your Boxes

Before loading your boxes into the unit, you may want to place something on the ground to help keep them elevated. Elevating the boxes will help to protect them in the event that water forms pools of water inside the unit from a leaking roof or water coming under the door.

A simple option for elevating your boxes may be to simply place thick pieces of wood on the ground and put the boxes on top of the wood. By giving your boxes just a couple of inches of elevation, you may greatly reduce the risk that they suffer damage due to pooling water on the floor.