Talking About Organization Techniques For Your Move

Use These Strategies To Keep Your Upcoming Move On Budget

Moving can be a busy time, but it doesn't have to be an expensive one. When you're early in the process of packing in advance of a move, it's advantageous to think about the ways that you can save money. Doing everything yourself isn't necessarily the most cost-effective way to approach moving; the DIY approach often requires you to take time off work, which ends up costing you money. Hiring a moving service to help is a good idea because many such companies offer competitive pricing and will get the job done professionally and quickly. Beyond hiring professionals, here are some other strategies that can keep your moving costs low.

Make Food Rather Than Buy It

Many people provide lunch for their movers and the friends and family members helping them on moving day, but your attempt to be generous can quickly break the bank. It's a better economical decision to buy ingredients for the lunch and make some food in advance. Buns, condiments and sandwich meats, for example, can make a lot of sandwiches that are filling and less expensive than buying pizza or subs. If you're too busy with preparing for the move, assign this task to one of your helpers who isn't keen on carrying heavy objects but still wants to help.

Write Off Your Moving Expenses At Tax Time

While writing off your moving expenses when you file your income tax doesn't save you money at the time of your move, you'll nonetheless end up with more money in your pocket at the end of the fiscal year. There are a variety of criteria for claiming your moving expenses, so it's a good idea to talk to an accountant or seek help from a tax-preparation service to claim everything you can. In the meantime, make sure to keep all the expenses from the move.

Hold A Yard Sale In Advance

There's no better time to sell the possessions you no longer want to keep than right before a move. There's no point in moving things that you don't need — it will take time and money and only frustrate you when you unpack these items at a later date and realize that you should've gotten rid of them. In the weeks leading up to your moving date, hold a garage sale and advertise it well. Try to keep your prices as affordable as possible. Remember, you're trying to make some money, but the other part of your goal is to get rid of these things so you aren't paying to have them moved. Visit for more information.