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Loading Your Rental Moving Truck To Prevent Accidents And Item Damage

When you pack up a rental moving truck to transport items to your new home, you should have two goals in mind. First, you want to do all you can to make the truck is easy to maneuver, thereby preventing vehicular accidents. Second, you want to prevent your items from shifting and becoming damaged during the trip. If you're a first-time renter of a moving truck, these tips will be helpful in satisfying both of those goals.

Put the heavy items in first.

You want to place really heavy items, such as dressers and refrigerators, closer to the front of the truck. Lighter items like clothing and linens, should be placed near the rear of the truck. This will keep the truck more balanced, making it easier for you to brake and make it around corners.

Place furniture with the drawers facing the truck walls.

You don't want drawers to fly open and items to become strewn about the truck while you're driving. If you tape the drawers shut, the tape might not hold after miles of bumpy roads or quick stops. So, place all dressers, refrigerators, cabinets, and anything else with drawers so that the drawers face the truck's walls. You can tape the drawers or doors shut as an extra precaution, but don't rely on this as your only precaution.

Use the security straps.

Most moving trucks come with thick vinyl straps that attach to the walls and can be wrapped around your furniture. Once you have the big items in the truck and against the walls, wrap these straps around them. Place a blanket or other padding material between the strap and the furniture to prevent scratches and nicks. Tighten the strap snugly so there's no wiggle room. This will keep large pieces of furniture from falling and causing you to swerve.

Make sure your stacks of boxes are even.

When you have all of the big items in place and are ready to fill in the spaces with boxes, make sure you create uniform stacks. For instance, you don't want one stack that is ten feet tall when all of the others are five feet tall. When your stacks are uniform and pushed up against one another, there will be less chance of boxes toppling over during transit.

Sometimes, a moving truck will come with packing instructions and diagrams. It is always a good idea to follow these instructions, in addition to the tips in this article, as every truck is laid out a bit differently. Contact a mover, like Walsh Moving & Storage, for more help.