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How To Properly Store An Aquarium

An aquarium is an investment, which means you want to make sure it is stored properly when you are between fish. The following tips can help you prepare your aquarium and its accessories for proper storage so you don't have to worry about damage.

Scrub the tank

Any cleaning chore begins with the tank. Skip all the fancy glass cleaners – these can leave behind a residue that can harm any future fish. Instead, scrub out the aquarium with hot water and minimally abrasive nylon pad. If there is salt or hard water build-up on the interior of the tank, scrape it off with a razor blade, taking care not to scrape near the caulked seams. For especially stubborn build up, soak a paper towel in white vinegar and lay it over the build-up for 15 minutes. Then, scrub off the residue. Rinse thoroughly with hot water. Once you are done, allow the aquarium to dry out completely before storing it.

Clean the accessories

All accessories require similar cleaning. Hot water is the best option, along with an old toothbrush for removing stubborn grime. Remove the disposable filters from the pump and filter housing and throw them away, you can buy new when you are ready. As for the gravel, place it in a bucket with hot water and a bit of vinegar. Agitate it with your hands to clean it off, and then pour it through a sieve to drain it. Spread everything out on a towel to dry. You don't want to store anything wet, since this can lead to mold and mildew.

Pack everything properly

Safety is everything when storing the aquarium. Start with two boxes. One box should fit into the second with a bit of extra space, and the aquarium should fit snugly into the smaller of the boxes. Cut the box down and tape it to fit the aquarium, if necessary. Place the aquarium inside the smaller box, and then fill the aquarium with a soft packing material. You can use crumpled tissue or a blanket, but don't use newspaper or anything printed. Now, lay a towel or small blanket in the bottom of the larger box. Set the aquarium box inside. Fill in the spaces around the sides, between the two boxes, with the packing material of choice. Shut the smaller box and lay a second towel on top before closing taping the outer box closed.

Accessories are much easier to store. Wrap each item in tissue paper and place it in a box. Store the gravel in a bucket or strong bag.

Be careful in the storage unit

Even though your aquarium is double boxed and padded, take care not to place anything on top of it in storage. Weight can lead to broken glass or it can weaken the seals. It's best to store it on top of a shelf or table so there is no temptation to stack anything on it. Make sure the box is well labeled and keep the accessories box nearby.

For more help with your storage needs, contact a storage facility in your area. To learn more, contact a storage company like Father & Son Moving & Storage