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3 Reasons To Maintain A Self Storage Unit For The Long Term

It's well-known that self-storage units can be helpful for families who are in the middle of a move. Self-storage is a secure place to stash your stuff if you need to make temporary living arrangements while in between homes or apartments. But renting out a self-storage unit can also have benefits for the long term that you may not have thought about. Here are 3 reasons why should maintain your self-storage space even after your move is over.

Self Storage Facilities Can Be More Secure Than Your Home

Today's self-storage companies use nothing but the best security. You'll likely have to have an electronic passcode just to get into the building itself before you can even walk up to your unit. These facilities also tend to use cameras to record what is going on 24/7. Some units might even be outfitted with alarms if they are opened improperly. If you own something especially valuable, it might be a better idea to keep it in self-storage than in your home.

Self Storage Units Can Be Climate Controlled

Do you own a number of antique items or family heirlooms that are irreplaceable? Shoving them up in the attic or another area where there might not be great insulation is not the best idea. Modern self-storage units are now equipped with climate control. You can store your valuable items knowing that the temperature inside the unit will never go above or below a certain temperature threshold. This can help give you peace of mind knowing that your family's precious memories will always be preserved.

Self Storage Can Clean Up Your Basement Or Another Room Of Your House

If you're like many people, you've accumulated a great deal of seasonal items over the years. Whether this is Christmas decorations or items that you only bring out for the kids in the summer time, you likely have a good deal of this stuff just sitting around in your basement or spare room for the majority of the year. If you had a self-storage space, you could use it as an extension of your home. This would free up space to finally finish the basement or turn that spare room into the office you always wanted.

Self-storage units have multiple great uses for the short term but there are also reasons why you might want to rent one for the long-term. Self-storage can provide a more secure environment than your home, can be climate-controlled if desired and can help you reclaim an entire room of your house for another purpose. Go check out a local self storage facility today, like Colfax West Self Storage, for more information.