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The Do's And Don'ts Of Using A Commercial Storage Facility For Your Retail Business

While it is ideal to keep a healthy stock of inventory on hand in the retail business, size restraints can make this an impossible feat at your physical storefront. It can be incredibly expensive to renovate, expand, or relocate, so many retail business owners turn to commercial storage facilities to make sure they have extra inventory available at least nearby where it can be easily retrieved. If you are facing the need for extra storage, whether it is temporary for seasonal merchandise or a service you are going to need long term, there are a few do's and don'ts that you should keep in mind.  

Do look for a commercial storage facility that offers month-by-month leasing terms. 

There is an ebb and flow of inventory in the retail business. Therefore, you can rarely count on what your storage needs will be in the long run. You will need to ensure the facility you choose offers flexible lease terms, such as those that are on a month-by-month basis, just in case you do need to downsize or stop using storage in the future. 

Don't Forget to look closely at your storage contract. 

Even though most commercial storage facilities do offer terms by the month, many have stipulations in their contracts that state you will be responsible for paying early cancellation fees if you break the contract too soon. Check out the contract to ensure you will not be charged fees for abandoning a lease too quickly. 

Do go with climate-controlled storage units for your merchandise. 

It may be cheaper to rent storage for your inventory that is not climate controlled, but it is a better decision to pay the extra for this benefit as a retail business owner. Some store merchandise may be damaged by extensive periods of moist, hot, or cold weather. For example, electronics with plastic components or batteries can be damaged by excessive heat. Going for the climate-controlled option will just be an added layer of protection for your inventory. 

Don't choose a facility that is too far away. 

the idea of utilizing commercial storage is it allows you to have inventory within reach at an affordable rate. By picking a location a great distance away, you could spend enough in hauling inventory back and forth to just have your merchandise express shipped to the store as needed. The storage facility you choose (such as one from should be close enough that retrieving and storing items will not be a huge extra business expense.