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4 Additional Services You May Not Know Are Offered By Professional Moving Companies

When someone mentions professional movers, if you are like most residential customers, you will conjure up an image of a few folks dressed in uniforms, driving a moving truck, and toting a dolly to move heavy objects. However, if you take the time to get to know the true value of moving services, your whole impression of these companies is bound to change. The fact is, many of the most sought-after movers offer a range of advantageous services that can make your life easier whether you are moving two blocks away or across the country. Here is a brief look at a few of the extended services often offered by professional moving companies. 

Vehicle Hauling - This service comes in useful for folks moving longer distances who have more than one vehicle. It is usually a more desirable option to just drive one car and have the other hauled behind the moving truck to the new place. 

Packing - Okay, so maybe you know that most professional moving services offer packing, but what you probably don't know is they can really pack up your home—right down to the dirty laundry waiting to be washed and the food in the fridge. In fact, for a little extra money, you may not even have to step foot in the house or touch a box at all, and that can be great if you are super busy or in a bad situation with a neighbor, property owner, or even ex-spouse. 

Split Delivery - Moving into a college dorm? Relocating for business into a tiny apartment? Moving in with someone else? All of these are situations when all of your belongings may not be able to go to the same place or may even need to be placed in storage. Luckily, most moving companies offer split-delivery services for an additional fee, and this means they will deliver whatever belongings you need to the new place, and the rest they will take to storage. 

Storage - It's not really surprising that a lot of moving companies actually own a storage facility, as the two things often go hand in hand. However, most people never give this a thought. If you're in the middle of moving and discover you need to leave some things in storage, ask the moving company you've hired to help. Chances are that they either offer storage at their own facilities or are affiliated with local storage companies. 

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