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Safely Move Your Piano Like A Pro With These 3 Tips

Pianos offer a great piece of entertainment and music to the home. However, the challenge comes in when moving.

Pianos are heavy, valuable, and highly sensitive. While they have 88 keys, pianos have many other moving parts too, which make them delicate to move.

Therefore, movers consider pianos as specialty items that need proper planning before moving. Follow these three tips for a safe and effortless piano move.

Gather the Supplies 

Gather all the supplies you will need for your piano a few weeks before moving. The supplies you need will depend on your piano. Different pianos have varying weights, and some might need different equipment. If you are unsure of what you need, consult piano movers, and ask them for help on what equipment you need.

Some basic supplies you will need are straps to hold the piano. You can buy or rent the straps depending on how frequently you move. You might also need furniture dollies and padding to protect the piano from impact. Padding also protects the piano from scratches, especially when getting it through corners, hallways, or a staircase.

Proof the Piano

A piano is sensitive to movement, and you must thoroughly proof it before attempting to move it. Get a bubble wrap, and begin by covering the keys. Also, cover the pedals as these two are sensitive areas, and thus, are more susceptible to damage. Wrap the lid to keep it safe from impact damage. Finally, wrap the piano and hold the wrapper in place with straps. Scrapes when getting it through a staircase or hallway.

Get as Much Help as You Can

After gathering the necessary supplies and preparing, it is time to get help. For best service, hire professional piano movers. With the right equipment, knowledge, and experience, they can easily move your piano or hoist it if necessary.

If your budget is a little tight, you can seek help from friends. It is best to consider friends who have moved a piano before. Remind them to have appropriate shoes. They should put on shoes with good traction to enhance their safety.

In Closing

Always pre-plan the location of the piano in the new house and take measurements of the new house. It makes it easy to settle after offloading since you have help, you can set it upright. If there is enough space, place the piano next to a wall and ensure it is safe from moisture and cold. Consider budgeting for piano movers, especially if the building complex has sharp corners, elevators, or stairs.

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